Meal Payment Information

Each student at PCS is assigned a 4-digit code to use when obtaining a school breakfast or lunch.  For students that have a Reduced Price or Full Price qualification, charges for the student meals are tracked by Plumas Unified School District.  Account balances are sent to PCS to collect payment from parents.

It is the policy of PCS that student meal account balances are kept current.  Account balance notices are sent home with students on a regular basis.  If parents are unable to keep the account balance to a minimum, PCS would ask that students bring lunch from home until such time that payment can be made.  Contact the PCS office to discuss unforeseen circumstances that may prevent timely payment of meal charges.

Payments can be made through the following methods:

1) Direct payment to the lunch counter.  Check or money order is preferred, but not required.
2) An online payment account can be made at
3) Payment can be mailed to: Plumas Unified School District, Food Services, 1445 E. Main Street, Quincy, CA 95971