Plumas Charter School is an equal opportunity employer with high expectations for staff involvement, responsiveness, accountability, and compassion. We provide personalized learning with a culture of acceptance for a diverse community with staff that support our core values. We welcome applications from parties interested in working in a dynamic, welcoming environment. Read our employee handbook for more information.

Use our classified application to apply for the following positions:

  • instructional aide
  • enrichment instructor
  • administration/clerical

Use our certificated application to apply for the following positions:

  • teacher
  • site director

Education Code 44050 requires charter schools to post their written employee code of conduct as it applies to employee interactions with pupils. Plumas Charter School includes the employee code of conduct requirements in the employee handbook beginning on Page 8. Please refer to the handbook for the required posting, and contact the PCS business office with any questions or concerns at (530) 283-3851.

Harassment Discrimination and Retaliation Prevention Policy v.11-2020