PCS Board of Directors

Plumas Charter School Board of Directors

Plumas Charter School is an independent charter school and, as such, has its own board of directors. As required by California law, our board meetings are open to the public, and the agenda for every meeting is posted in advance at all four PCS learning centers, as well as on this website under 2019-20 Board Agendas. Anyone with questions about attending a board meeting is invited to call the Quincy business office at (530) 283-3851. We welcome and encourage parent and community involvement!

PCS operates under the California nonprofit corporation Plumas Alternative Learning Services (PALS). The Plumas Charter School board of directors sets the number and qualifications of directors on the board. The number of directors shall be not less than three or more than thirty, with the desired minimum number of board members being seven: five parents representing the three major communities we serve, and two community members. To learn more about our current board members, click Meet the Board.

Anyone interested in serving on our board is invited to attend a meeting to gain an idea of the board’s duties and concerns. Those wishing to serve must a submit a letter of interest to the board. New members are seated annually, at the July meeting, except in the case of midterm vacancies, which will be announced and filled as they occur.

To contact a member or members of the PCS board of directors, write to them at Plumas Charter School, 546 Lawrence St., Quincy, CA 9597.

Plumas Charter School Advisory Board Members, 2019-20
Stephen Hill President, Community Member
Judy Gimple
Secretary, Community Member
Michelle Abramson
PUSD Representative
Aaron Lohn
Treasurer, Parent Member
Bianca Harrison
Parent Member
Debbie Cook
Parent Member