Online Registration

Online registration was a new process that began in 2016.  It takes the place of the cumbersome 4-page enrollment forms of years past, and saves countless hours for the PCS staff that had to update and enter the information each year.  It gives parents and guardians direct access to their student(s) record so information can be updated and current at all times. If PCS has up-to-date records for mailing addresses, phones, and email addresses then contact with parents will be successful and timely.

Thank you to all PCS parents/guardians that have embraced the new process and are continuing the registration as forms become available.  There are Steps 1-5 that must be completed before your registration is finalized. If you do not see a green checkmark next to each step listed on the top banner of the student's registration, then you have not yet completed the registration.

Online Registration for 2017-18 is required by 8/23/17.  Please follow the Online Registration link to your Household account and complete each section of the enrollment, for each student in your household, until you have five green checkmarks and a confirmation that the enrollment is complete. Contact Renee Cervantes, PCS Registrar, at (530) 283-3851 if your required assistance.  Thank you.

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